LAUSD is celebrating the graduation of eight students with perfect attendance. Not perfect for this year, mind you, perfect for all thirteen years. It’s amazing to think that nothing kept them from school for 13 years. More parents should encourage great attendance given that’s how schools get funded. It’ll never make sense to send a kid to school with a fever just to get this type of accolade, it’s increasingly important that parents not look at school as “optional” to save money on airline tickets, to enjoy shorter lines at Disneyland, or get a head start out of town. It may be an award of perseverance combined with luck, but it’s something for which most families should strive.

The LA Times has an article on the cuts to summer programs at local colleges. Once a great way for high school kids to stand out from other students, this option is almost gone, with few students even able to get courses at the community colleges. Certainly there are AP courses, but I’ve always preferred the actual college courses especially over the summer for advanced students.

Four more days until summer–not that I’m counting.

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