LAUSD announces today that they’ll be dispensing with flavored milk and adding all sorts of healthy food options including sushi. At 77 cents per serving, I know that’s not sushi I would want to eat. But you can read more about it here.

We’re looking forward to the fall opening of the first high school within the borders of the city of San Fernando. I’ve made contact with the folks involved with the Humanitas Social Justice Academy and the Academy of Scientific Exploration, and I hope to become heavily involved to make them great. The East Valley deserves quality schools, and frankly, it’s time we have phenomenal options that don’t require long treks.

Finally the City of San Fernando has created an Education Commission to highlight the educational issues within the city. As a part of LAUSD, but as a very small city, we have had extremely difficult times trying to get our issues heard. Hopefully with the creation of the commission, we can be the link between families and their options–ALL of their options. Perhaps even more importantly, we can hold LAUSD accountable for the mediocrity that has been the norm in many areas of the East Valley, compared to the school expectations taking place in Local District 1.

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