For years, those of us who choose LAUSD for our kids have known the good that LAUSD has: magnets, great teachers, schools that we’ve called hidden gems, and even an honors orchestra. The sad thing has always been that so few people know about the good stuff that current parents tended to be the only cheerleaders out there and we faced questions that constantly question our choice to send the kids to public school. Case in point, with the magnet programs, there are several parents that I personally know and call upon as “Magnet Yentas.” Other parents I contact when it comes to gifted program issues. Certainly there are paid LAUSD folks that can answer burning questions from parents, but finding the right extension–or getting a call back–has always been a monumental challenge.

Now, LAUSD Journal, has debuted, full of articles of the good stuff that LAUSD does. Recently hired away from Tamar Galatzan’s office, Tom Waldman heads the Communications and Media Relations office.

The stories aren’t all fluff either. The “EdMag” contains links to budget news, calendar issues, and the news we don’t necessarily want to hear, but those types of articles are published by the main stream press as well. What I’m looking forward to is learning more about local schools and reading about the programs that don’t get enough press.

Unlike much of the main LAUSD site, these pages are easily navigated, clearly tailored for parents & students, and timely.

While I don’t think LAUSD will ever get proficient enough to render the Magnet Yentas obsolete, I welcome the competition. I’d love a little extra time off.


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