Thanks to a new state law, many seventh through twelfth grade students starting at year-round LAUSD schools this week found out they lacked a whooping vaccination to enable them to attend school. With early start calendar high schools starting in the Valley next month and then the rest of the district starting on September 7th, the question becomes what else can the district do to make sure students get this required vaccine?

LAUSD has sent notices home, sent automated calls out, and offered vaccine clinics, the county has launched a website, and yet 8,700 students showed up without the vaccine.

Many parents are on autopilot once the kids go to kindergarten and show proof of immunization for enrollment. But LAUSD has between one and two months to actively reach parents before these students show up and get turned away, or schools are forced to vaccinate students.

Of course, Los Angeles is also known for parents who choose not to immunize, so that might become an issue this fall too.


One Response to No Vaccine = No School

  1. Dar. C. says:

    I know someone whose daughter had a bad middle school experience and is mortally terrified of needles. She’d love to use this law as an excuse to legally not have to go to school again. By law, she has to go to school. By law, she can’t go without the vaccine. By law, politicians and lawyers are crazy…

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