I just checked the calendar and it’s August–not April 1. But according to this report, LAUSD’s new plan to save money is to teach volunteers to administer insulin shots.

I’ve advocated that parents volunteer in many positions–from helping in the classroom, to the library, and even in the office. But administering insulin shots to children? Yes, students can test their own blood sugar and administer the insulin themselves at a certain age. While some parents are ok with volunteers giving insulin when the alternative is that the child can not attend public school, according to the American Diabetes Association, it’s not until age 10, some kids can inject themselves with supervision, and by middle school most children finally can.

It’s already absurd that at my daughter’s school, the nurse is only available on Mondays. We always joke to the kids if they’re going to get injured on the playground, it better be on Monday. The office assistant has become the de facto triage nurse when bee stings, bumps, and small cuts come through. But administering injections takes it to a whole new level. School officials are not allowed to even put first aid spray on a cut, they can only offer soap and water to clean the cut and maybe a bag of ice. If they can’t put Bactine on a cut, why would LAUSD think injecting a kid is a good idea?

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2 Responses to LAUSD to Tap Volunteers for Insulin Shots

  1. To ADMINISTER, not self inject, REQUIRES an appropriate license with exception of family members and church/religious orders. When did LAUSD become the legal guardian or the child’s religious order? You can check this out online in California Statutes and Regulations or ask your attorney for confirmation!

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