LAUSD announced this week that it will reconsider its policy that promotes students at the end of the year, despite how many credits they have earned.

On her Facebook page, Board MemberTamar Galatzan stated that she hopes in six months the school district will present a policy that addresses many of the issues that concern parents about social promotion.

On one side, special education proponents have concerns regarding simply repeating a grade. When a student fails to master the material the first time, repeating the same material the same way can offer the same result. On the other hand, teachers have long pointed out that students passed forward, without successfully passing math standards in elementary school continue to struggle in subsequent years. Students that fail courses in middle school are not prepared for the demands of high school, leading to increased chance of dropping out.

With a comprehensive approach, special ed concerns should address the need for intervention before merely holding a child back. I’ll be looking forward to reading what the district proposes. It’s at least a step in the right direction.

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