According to the LA Times, John Deasy is requesting an extension on the

Sacramento meant well. The whooping cough epidemic is serious enough to warrant extra attention. In California in 2010, 9,477 people became infected with pertussis and ten infants died. But like the Nanny state we’ve become, the politicians enacted a law with no means to implement it. Parents haven’t paid attention to the new vaccine requirement, or didn’t realize this September mandate for grades 7-12. I doubt there are even enough vaccine boosters to for the students who need it.

Deasy wants a 30-day extension so students can conceivably show up, find out they need the booster, and then have time to get it themselves or for the schools to run clinics to provide it.

I’m dreading how much this is costing the district already–in nursing time, in the cost for the vaccines, and most importantly in the loss of ADA (average daily attendance).

Next time Sacramento decides to implement something this comprehensive, maybe they should look into the logistics first.


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