LAUSD has decided to postpone the new homework policy that would cap the amount of a grade that could be attributed to homework to 10 percent of a student’s grade after parents and teachers both publicly balked at not being included in the decision.

Let’s face it. They can’t have it both ways. The district can’t say in one breath that students should be graded on meeting standards and homework “pads” the grade in many cases, AND say that some students are unfairly punished by not being able to meet the demands of homework due to busy or chaotic home lives.

The proposed policy did nothing to address the AMOUNT of homework overall, or often, the discrepancy between teachers at the same grade level in assigning homework.

The district plans to consult parents, teachers, administrators, students, and school board members and come back with a new proposal by next March. Hopefully LAUSD learned a valuable lesson on the need to consult with its key groups before coming up with a plan–however well intentioned.


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