As the school year came to an end, a video went viral from a fairly new middle school in North Hollywood called Roy Romer Middle School. Unfortunately, it lacks celebrity parents so they didn’t get the attention that Millikan received when Luke Perry protested teacher cuts. And the cuts at Roy Romer Middle School seem catastrophic–27 teachers in three years. At least the video accomplished what the bleak news could not–the media came out. The video points out the need to look at the Ed. Code. Schools can not take repeated hits without consequence.

And speaking of Millikan, the good news this week from the campus is of a Science Academy student who scored a perfect 800 on the SAT-II Biology Subject Test. The article doesn’t say where the eighth grader will start high school in the fall.

And finally, LAUSD is protesting the proposed DWP water rate increases as essentially kicking a dog when it’s already down. Any increase will make the financial situation of the district worse. While a special LAUSD rate would violate state law, DWP could create a discount for educational institutions or at the very least look at their water (and power) usage and look for ways to save. Of course, that would require cooperation.

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